More Tips and Tricks using the Contentr Page Editor

The image below is the button bar from the page editor in contentr setup.  This is a widely used, publicly available plugin called CKEditor.  You can look it up for more info. We are using version 4 here.

In contentr setup:  When you are in the editor, hovering over the icons in the menu will display their name.  The Templates icon used in our examples is 4th from the left, top row. The image upload icon is the last one.  These are similar to the usual icons found in your word processor. 

The very first icon is Source.  This allows a more advanced user to see and edit the actual html being generated by the editor.  You can insert and modify html markup.  We are actually creating a web page here.

Source usages:

  • modify the width of the image container for the template used in the Image Page Template example.  This width in the template is set to 200px ( that's pixals ).
  • delete extra empty paragraph tags generated by the editor, or copy and paste more paragraphs. This is one way to modify spacing on your page. They look like this -
  • insert a break between image/text sections which are used in the Image Align Left example page - insert the following -
        <div style="clear:both;"></div>
    This will help keep the text folding more organized if you are squishing and expanding the browser window.