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Creating Pages and Image Alignment

This is the main content page for this Group called "Page Examples", which includes a collection of pages showing Contentr examples. 

The link to this Group can be shared with others via email, text, blog entry, or add the link to your website. 

The link to this Group was added to the "tech" menu on home page. 

The "Return" menu item will take you back to, and can be customized for your Group

We are using contentr to extend the website.

This Group contains additional information on building and editing Contentr pages showing text formatting, upload and align images, and additional tips - see the "page(s)" menu

Image Alignment on this page:  In contentr "main page" setup, click the image to show the Image pop-up.  This image was aligned via the pop-up button menu.  This image was inserted into already existing text here...  place the cursor in the text, then click the image icon in the editor's button menu to select, upload and insert an image.  The pop-up button allows size change, alignment, and removal.

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