Contentr Link Technical Overview

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accounts   each person, or organization sets up an account
folders   each account has one or more folders - these are your Content folders. Folder Members, or the Public will have access.
folder landing page  

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The account admin, or you if this just for you, will define what components are in this folder. Also define whether its Private, Protected, or Public
set up the folder  

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folder components  

Blog - member blog
Documents - save documents
Calendar - your folder's schedule
Messages - send emails to folder membership or individual members
Database - create your own customized database, start with sample databases provided
Content - create a content box in another webpage, and allow you to instantly update that page

- description   text for your folder's landing page
- link to folder   this is the url to your folder, can be used to create link from your website
- home   link back to your website's home page
- banner   use your own website's banner to make your folder page look like it's part of your website
- members   can access a folder's page, the admin can invite, approve, remove and manage a folder's members
- user roles  

Account admin
- sets up the account, create folders, invites admins
Folder admin - defines the components of the folder, invites Members
Member - just an ordinary user who is a member of a folder
Your userid allows you to join existing folders, and set up your own account and folders

mobile   site is fully mobile enabled for phones and tablets