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Security updates, Browse results update Oct 21, 2023  update

Minor updates were applied:

- security updates to error messaging

- Browse Public Results on Home page - update to show Results link only if public results exist for the account

Penalty Handling Update Jan 15, 2023  new features

1 - Error checking when Scoring: On clicking the Score button, Racelogweb will check all Finish entries, then display an error message and highlight the erroneous finish entries in Red. Correct the entries then click Score again. Most of the error checking is related to validating Penalty entries. It does not check for missing or skipped finish places.

2 - Added ‘NSC’ penalty: Like other penalties this can be entered in a Finish Cell on the Fleet page, and in the ‘Enter Finish by Place’ Dialog box. This penalty will be the same as DNS, DNS, DSQ, etc. On the Select Scoring Method page these penalties can be set to use the number of boats that came to the Starting Area, or to the number of Entrants in the series or Regatta. This allows you to use either paragraph A 5.2 or A 5.3 in Appendix A (Scoring) in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024 to determine how these penalties are calculated.

3 - Automatic handling of Scoring Penalty: The ‘Enter Finish by Place’ Dialog box has always allowed entering of Penalties. Now Penalty entry will be handled more automatically, especially for Scoring Penalty (SCP, ZFP). The Dialog box will be set with the proper finish place number for Scoring Penalty (S3, Z11) when clicking Apply. The finish number in the Dialog will be incremented to allow continuation of finish entries using the Dialog. SCP or ZFP do not alter other racer’s finishes so this will allow proper and automatic entry of Scoring Penalties,and subsequent finishes. Other Penalties (DNF, DSQ, RDG, etc) will not increment the finish number in the Dialog so proper finishes will be entered for subsequent finish entries.

4 - Help Page Update: The above Penalty entries are documented in more detail on the Help pages.

Double Click to Open Fleet Aug 31, 2022  new feature

Previously you would open a fleet file by selecting the Fleet in the Open Fleet dialog, then click 'Open' button.  This still works, but you can now open a Fleet by 'double clicking' the Fleet name in the Open Fleet Dialog.

Problem Updating Lock Results Aug 31, 2022  Bugfix

If you try to 'unlock' a Result report by unchecking the 'Lock Results' checkbox on the Result Details screen, the uncheck would not properly Save. Therefore it was impossible to unlock results if you wished to make an update.

This has been fixed as of 8/30/22

Fleet and Account messages Jul 08, 2021  Bug Fix

Fixed bug showing "no fleet open" and "Accont not set" messages when Fleet and Account were properly set. 

Incremental Search Feb 07, 2021  Leland

This ia an update to the Enter Finishes dialog.

Updated the Sail Number incremental search to better suppress entry of sail number after a match has been found.  Previously typing would ocntinue and you could inadvertently end up with a Sailor Not Found after your sail number entry already found a match.  This update suppresses input briefly after a match is found for a better search experience.

Another Extract Feature Oct 18, 2020  leland

Extract Racing Data

In addition to the sailor extract feature posted two blog entries ago, there is now a Racing Data Extract.  This will extract racer name, sail number, and all the finishes for your currenlty open Fleet file.  This is handy for doing more analysis of your fleet's finishes.  The extracted file will open in Excel where you can find lots of statical tools to slice and dice your fleet data.

Regatta Registration Updates Jul 10, 2020  Leland

New updates to Regatta Registration setup allows more customization of the Registration form to meet your needs...

  • a facelift for the registration form
  • added one more Notes section so additional registration information can be added to the form
  • added more customization so you can now choose to show or hide the following on your registration form - US Saling Member Discount, Previous Regatta Discount, ask for Birthdate, ask for Crew Names, ask for Fleet Class
  • disable/enable registration form
  • new payment option - Online Only





New Data Extract Feature Jun 05, 2020  Leland

There is a new Extract Data feature on the Racelogweb menu, under "File".

1. Extract data from yuur Sailor list to a spreadsheet ( in csv file format ).

2. A separate email extract from the same Sailor data.  Creates a comma delimited list of sailor email addresses, saved to a text file.


New Incremental Search Dec 06, 2019  leland

Enter Finishes dialog box on Fleet page:

Sail Number now will do an incremental search.  This means if you type "1" in sail number, it will open a dropdown showing all sailors with sail number starting with "1",  If you enter another "1" it will filter the list and show all sailors with sail number starting with "11", and so forth. The list of racers will update as you type in the sail number. 

The racer list will continue to be updated as you type, until you get a match, or until you get a "racer not found" message.

Now you can more quickly enter your results by typing a partial sail number. 

Technical Note Dec 01, 2019  leland

Deleting Fleets and Sailors

- if you delete a sailor from the Sailors page, and that sailor belongs to a Fleet, the Fleet will still show the sailor, and the sailor will still show up in Results

- if you delete a Fleet, and you have saved Results for that Fleet, the Results will still be available.  The Fleet Name on the list of Results will say 'removed'.  If you add a Title to the Results you can still identify it on the list of Results

Invalid Account Bug Nov 25, 2019  Leland

There was a bug, now fixed, which displayed an error message "Invalid Account" when trying to print results.

This only affected recently new accounts.

Fixed on 11.24.2019.

Race Dates, Additional Fields Sep 07, 2019  Leland

Race Dates :  Date for each race can new be entered. If a fleet has race dates there will be a label Race Dates at the top of the Fleet page and the Results page to expose the dates.  Also hovering over a finish will display the Race number, as it always has done, plus the Date of that race if any.  Race Dates are entered in the Enter Finishes dialog box on the Fleet page.

The Date is entered using the new HTML 5 Date input, which varies by browser.  Unfortunately desktop Safari has no date entry to it will be entered manually - YYYY-MM-DD.  Chrome and Firefox have a decent Calendar popup for selecting date.

More Fields in Racer Detail : Additional fields are shown when clicking the Racer Detail chevron on the Fleet Page - New Fields "Fleet Class" and "Email Address" will be displayed in addition to "Name" and "Sail Number"..  These fields, which are already on the Sailors page, are displayed in Race Detail dropdown.  They can be updated in the Racer Detail which will also update the data in the Sailors page, and visa versa.

Paypal Payment Method Feb 18, 2019  Leland

Regatta Registration Paypal payment feature

RacelogWeb now offers use your own Paypal account to accept Regatta Registration payments. This is in addition to the other payment options you can choose when you build your regatta or club racing series - 

  • "No payment required"
  • "Check or Cash at Regatta Checkin Only"
  • "Accept Payment prior to regatta - Check, or Cash at Regatta Checkin"
  • ... now "Accept Payment prior to regatta - Paypal, Check, or Chash at Regatta Checkin"

The proper payment buttons will be generated on the Registration form based on your selection.

RacelogWeb does not receive any fees from use of Paypal.  It is a payment method which is plugged in to RacelogWeb for your use.  Whether you use Paypal already, or need to set up a new Paypal account you will need to go through the RacelogWeb Paypl setup steps to obtain two client id's from your Paypal account. The client id's are added to the RacelogWeb form where you build your Regatta. The steps are clearly outlined in the RacelogWeb Help section under "Regatta Registration".

The Paypal payment method is integrated into the Regatta Registration page and is part of the registration flow. The user is returned to the Registration page with the status of the payment, which is then saved in the Registration database. So you will have an up to date status of each registrant's payment.

Regatta Registration Jan 28, 2019  Leland

The latest feature added to RacelogWeb is Regatta Registration.

This was used successfully at the 2018 Sunfish North American Championship regatta held in Waukega, Illinois.  We used the integrated Paypal functionality.  Other options are 1. No payment required, 2. Pay ahead by check, and 3. Pay at regatta.  The Paypal option is working great,  They have a new interface that easily plugs in to the RacelogWeb Regatta setup page.  The only issue remaining is to provide explicit instructions for the Regatta setter upper for obtaining the two Paypal Security tokens from the Paypal website for your Paypal account accepting the payments.  The Paypal website can be confusing on how to obtain the tokens.  But once you have them you simply copy and paste them into your RacelogWeb Regatta setup page.  I will announce here when I am satisfied that the instructions are easy enough to follow.

There is no charge for setting up a Regatta.  You can use it for your summer series, local regattas, and any time you want the sailors to enter their data so you don't have to do it. The data feeds right in to your fleet file.   So you are ready to score.  A link is generated to your Registration pages which you can post on your website, facebook, email, etc.

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