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Create pages. Easy to use webpage editor. We generate links you can Share with others, or add to your existing website. It's easy to update your pages.

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Create a Documents Page - Updload, view, share, download files. Click to your Documents page with the generated link.

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Create a fully functional Calendar. Export to google calendar. Use our generated link to share your Calendar, embed into your existing website.

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Create a Blog page. Allow visitors to post their thoughts. Includes comprehensive search so you can easily find previous posts. Link to your blog.

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Create your own Databases. Two sample databases to start with. Easy to use, easy to create your own database, import from spreadsheet. Link to it like any other component

This is a database page

Event Registration

Easy Event Registration. Create event, publish link to Registration Page. Save event participants. Collect payments with Paypal.

This is an event registration page

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