At about 9:30 on Election night I conceded the race for Park District Commissioner, to my opponent and the victor, Terry Grossberg.

I'll have more to say tomorrow and over the next few days to all of my supporters individually, and please know that I am incredibly appreciative of all your hard work and support to get me this far, but now the race is over and it's time to offer Terry our support and assistance as he becomes the next Park District Commissioner.

I want to thank Terry Grossberg for an excellent race. Between the two of us we brought up a lot of issues that matter to Highland Park residents. I lost the election but I think my supporters still win because I’m confident that Terry by his agreeing to some of the proposals that I championed and hearing the voice of a significant minority of the Park District of Highland Park will carry those ideas on to the full Park Board and will see that they are discussed and perhaps agreed to.

I am still passionate about Park Ave Beach and all lakefront issues and have offered to Terry to serve in any fashion that he and his fellow Commissioners feel is appropriate.

I also want to thank the volunteers who were so generous in their support. I’m sorry if I have let you down. The failure of this campaign to prevail is mine alone. There are so many things about running a campaign that I didn’t know last December that I do know now. My team worked so very hard and the sting of defeat is hard for me, not because I personally lost, but because I cannot carry your agenda and ideas forward. However for me this campaign has been an extremely positive experience, I'm a far better person for participating in the race; I’ve met remarkable people and learned a tremendous amount.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the land, water and in the neighborhood! It has been an incredible journey!

Best Regards, Mike